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Core system services in linux

INTRODUCTION Core System Servicesin linux “Every Linux system has five core services which perform fundamental functions”. Regardless of distribution, network configuration, and overall system design, every Linux system has five core services: init, inetd, xinetd, syslogd, and cron. The functions performed by these services may be simple, but they are also fundamental. Without their presence, […]

Comparison Between CUI And GUI

Graphical user interface A graphical user interface is a type of user interface which allows people to interact with electronic devices such as computers; hand-held devices such as MP3 Players, Portable Media Players or Gaming devices; household appliances and office equipment with images rather than text commands. A GUI offers graphical icons, and visual indicators, […]


Linux & Open Source Software Support GBdirect staff were providing open source support services long before the company’s incorporation in 1995, and we’ve been offering Linux support since we migrated our own infrastructure to Linux way back in 1998. Until recently, however, most of our open source software support focused on applications or systems that […]