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Telecommunication Network Hacking And Security

Hacking does not only mean to deface a website or steal to someone confidential information, you have heard so many times about computer network security or just computer security but what about Telecommunication security or Telecommunication network security. Well there is so many articles on computer security but this time I have decided to write […]

4 Websites To Send Anonymous SMS Without Registration

There are a lot of websites on the Internet that provides free sms services but only handful of them allows you to send Sms without registration and anonymously.In this post I will review the services of 4 Sms websites that allows you to send Anonymous messages. 1. allows you send message of complete […]

Some Useful Nokia mobile phone Secret Codes list

On the main screen type *#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). *#7780# reset to factory settings. *#67705646# This will clear the LCD display (operator logo). *#0000# To view software version. *#2820# Bluetooth device address. *#746025625# Sim clock allowed status. *#62209526# – Display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available […]

Hidden Secret China Mobile Phones Codes

The following Mobile Phones codes works with various China mobile Phones such as Alkatel, Sigmatel, Carboonn, GFive, and more such China Mobile phones. –Default user code : 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678 –Engineer mode : *#110*01# –Factory mode : *#987# –Enable COM port : *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200 –Restore […]