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1.    Which one of the following is a minor penalty as per the provisions of CDA Rules?
a)    Withholding of one increment for one year
b)    Withholding of one increment permanently
c)    Withholding of one increment due to non-satisfactory performance
d)    a & b

2.    An Assistant without any technical qualification becomes eligible for promotion to the cadre of Senior Assistant if he puts in atleast the following the number of years of service in Assistant cadre
a)    3 years
b)    7 years
c)    5 years
d)    Technical qualification is compulsory and hence he is not eligible irrespective of the number of years of service

3.    Which of the following components are not taken into consideration for calculating Encashment of Earned Leave on retirement?
a)    Basic
b)    DA
c)    HRA
d)    None of the above

4.    A sportsman gets the following number of years of age relaxation at the time of recruitment in our company:
a)    3
b)    4
c)    5
d)    7

5.    Under the Group Mediclaim Scheme for employees of GIPSA companies, a Senior Assistant shares the premium upto eligible sum insured in the following ratio
a)    1/3rd by employee and 2/3rd by company
b)    1/4th by employee and 3/4th by company
c)    1/3rd by company and 2/3rd by employee
d)    1/4th by company and 3/4th by employee

6.    Your Branch Manager visits Singapore on LTS.   The maximum amount of reimbursement for one block shall be
a)    Two times II AC Rail Fare for 3000 KMs
b)    II AC Rail Fare for 6000 KMs
c)    Not eligible for foreign travel and hence no amount is payable
d)    Two times air fare of Air India from Delhi to Trivandrum route

7.    Rule No.21 of the CDA Rules deals with
a)    Right of Appeal
b)    Period of Limitation of Appeals
c)    Memorial
d)    Subsistence Allowance

8.    Mid Academic Year Allowance payable to an employee who is transferred on promotion as Senior Assistant, as per the Amendment Scheme-2010 shall be
a)    Rs.1,000/- one time payment
b)    Rs.680/- per month
c)    Rs.500/- per month
d)    None of the above

9.    Which of the following statements are not incorrect with regard to Leave Rules?
a)    Casual Leave can be combined with Earned Leave
b)    Maternity Leave cannot be allowed on probation
c)    Quarantine Leave is allowed to employees who suffer from infectious disease
d)    Maximum CL available in a calendar year is 12 days

10.    Employees who are promoted to the following cadre are placed under probation, as per the Promotion Policy:
a)    Class III to Scale I
b)    Scale III to Scale IV
c)    (a) & (b)
d)    For promotion to any cadre, probation is not applicable

11.    How many number of Stagnation Increments were available for an Assistant as per Amendment Scheme-2005?
a)    7
b)    6
c)    5
d)    4

12.    An employee abandons his post if he absents from duty without leave or overstays his leave for a continuous period of ________ without any intimation in writing
a)    1 month
b)    48 hours
c)    90 days
d)    This rule is not applicable for GIPSA Officers

13.    For employees on Administration, which of the following statements is true?
a)    Maximum loan for Two-wheeler for Officers is Rs.75,000/-
b)    Maximum loan for Two-wheeler for Class III & IV employees is Rs.50,000/-
c)    Maximum loan for Two-wheeler for Dev.Officers (Admn) is Rs.50,000/-
d)    All the above

14.    With the following information, please arrive at the marks eligible for the employee under the Criterion ‘Seniority’ for promotion to the cadre of Scale I Officer under Para 13.1 of the Promotion Policy-2008:
The employee joined the company as Assistant on 27.07.1987
The employee is promoted as Senior Assistant on 19.03.2005
Cut-off date for the promotion exercise 31.12.2012
a)    30
b)    16
c)    14
d)     7

15.    Maximum Gratuity payable to employees as per Gratuity Act is
a)    Rs.5,00,000/-
b)    Rs.3,50,000/-
c)    Rs.10,00,000/-
d)    None of the above

16.    As per the provisions of Development Officers’ Scheme, the limit of any single claim per event is restricted to Rs.___________ while calculating Incentive
a)    Rs.5,00,000/-
b)    Rs.3,00,000/-
c)    Rs.10,00,000/-
d)    None of the above   



17.    One of the employees working in your office is an office-bearer of a registered Trade Union.   Which one of the following is not a misconduct as per CDA Rules in respect of that employee?
a)    Habitual late or irregular attendance
b)    Sleeping while on duty
c)    Slowing down of work
d)    Statement made to Press in connection with any Trade Dispute without the sanction of competent authority

18.    Which one of the following statements is not true with regard to Adoption Leave?
a)    Can be availed once during the service of childless female employee
b)    For legally adopting child below one year of age
c)    Maximum period of six months or till the child reaches 1 year of age whichever is earlier
d)    For adoption of only one child

19.    The Collective Cashier working in your Office gets promoted as Scale I Officer on 4.5.2013.   She has not availed her LTS for the Block years 2010-11 and 2012-13 in the pre-promoted cadre.   Her eligible LTS Block after promotion shall be
a)    Two Blocks 2010-11 and 2012-13 lapses and hence she cannot avail the same
b)    She can avail one Block 2012-13 only before 31.12.2013
c)    She can avail her two Blocks 2010-11 and 2012-13 before 31.12.2013 and avail Block 2013-14 after 1.1.2014
d)    She can avail only Block 2013-14

20.    As per the General Insurance (Rationalisation of Pay Scales and other Conditions of Service of Development Staff) Amendment Scheme, 2010, the allowance for technical qualification on acquiring MBA Qualification is
a)    Rs.820/-
b)    Rs.820/- subject to approval of MBA course by AICTE
c)    Rs.820/- subject to approval of MBA course by AICTE & DEC
d)    None of the above

21.    To become eligible for Pension, an employee must have rendered atleast ____ years of service on the date of retirement
a)    10 years
b)    20 years
c)    5 years
d)    33 years 

22.    The Halting Allowance payable to a Development Officer on official tour, if the period of stay at a particular place is 15 hours, shall be
a)    30% of the DHA
b)    Development Officers are not entitled for DHA as they are already drawing Conveyance Allowance
c)    50% of the DHA
d)    100% DHA

23.    The Vehicle Loan for purchase of a Two-Wheeler applicable to Class III & IV employees is
a)    80% of the cost of the vehicle subject to a maximum of Rs.50,000/-
b)    Maximum Rs.50,000/-
c)    80% of the cost of the vehicle subject to a maximum of Rs.75,000/-
d)    Maximum Rs.75,000

24.    Para 25A of the Promotion Policy for SCS Staff-2008 deals with
a)    Assured Career Progression Scheme
b)    Minimum one promotion in life time for Assistants
c)    Bridge Test
d)    Fast Track

25.    As per Rule No.32 of the CDA Rules, the period of Limitation for Appeal shall be
a)    Three months from the date of order
b)    Three months from the date of receipt of order
c)    One month from the date of receipt of order
d)    No Time Limit specified under Rule No.32 for preferring Appeal

26.    A Class I Officer transferred under Transfer & Mobility Policy is eligible for the 
      following allowance:
a)    Disturbance Allowance
b)    Protection of CCA
c)    Protection of HRA
d)    None of the above

27.    Interest free advance granted for employees affected by Natural Calamities is limited to
a)    Rs.7,500/-
b)    Rs.10,000/-
c)    One month Gross Salary
d)    Rs.15,000/-

28.    Submission of Property Returns is mandatory as per the following Rule of the CDA Rules
a)    Rule No.16
b)    Rule No.16A
c)    Rule No.16B
d)    Rule No.30

29.    Which of the following was created by the Government under General Insurance Business Nationalisation Act?
a)    GIC
b)    GIPSA
c)    General Insurance Council
d)    LPA

30.    An employee travels in a Private Car registered in the name of his/her spouse.   What will be the criterion for calculating the maximum subsidy payable?
a)    Taxi fare for the distance travelled
b)    II AC Train Fare for the distance travelled
c)    Actual fuel expenses
d)    Not eligible for reimbursement as the car is not registered in the name of employee

31.    Which of the following is not a benefit given to SC/ST candidates at the time of recruitment?
a)    Relaxation in age
b)    Lower passing marks in written test
c)    Railway fare for attending interview
d)    Reimbursement of Hotel Charges for attending interview

32.    In the Check-off exercise followed in GIPSA companies, the following conditions are stipulated for Unions/Associations to be considered for the exercise:
a)    The Union/Association should be registered under Trade Unions Act 1926
b)    The Association which is not registered under Trade Unions Act, 1926 can be considered provided it is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1912
c)    Both (a) & (b)    
d)    Only (a)



33.    Which of the Article of the Constitution of India provides that Official Language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devnagri script?
a)    Article 141
b)    Article 226
c)    Article 343
d)    Article 356

34.    Class III employees are eligible for Transfer Grant of One Month Basic Pay in one of the following cases:
a)    Transferred on promotion to another station
b)    Transferred on TMP to another station
c)    Transferred on management exigency to a hardship area
d)    None of the above

35.    As per the Amendment Scheme-2010, the Entertainment Allowance payable to an AO(D) is as below:
a)    Rs.750/- per month
b)    Rs.900/- per month
c)    Rs.500/- per month
d)    AO(D) is not eligible for Entertainment Allowance

36.    The amount of Invalid Pension shall not be less than the ordinary rate of
a)    Full Pension
b)    2/3rd Pension
c)    Family Pension
d)    Minimum Pension

37.    What is the term used to describe the process of helping a new employee to settle quickly into their job so that they become efficient and productive workers?
a)    Induction
b)    Counselling
c)    Overtime
d)    Performance Appraisal

38.    Officers of the following Scale are not eligible for becoming members of any Union/Association as per the provisions of Check-Off in GIPSA companies:
a)    Scale IV
b)    Scale V
c)    Branch Manager/Divisional Manager
d)    (b) & (c)

39.    The maximum scheme loan eligible to a Scale I Officer under the Housing Loan Scheme of the company is
a)    Rs.3,25,000/-
b)    Rs.8,55,000/-
c)    Rs.7,45,000/-
d)    Rs.5,50,000/-

40.    Minimum number of persons required for registration of a Trade Union under the Trade Union Act, 1926 is
a)    5
b)    7
c)    100
d)    101




1    (a)
2    (b)
3    (c)
4    (c)
5    (b)
6    (a)
7    (d)
8    (d)
9    (d)
10    (a)
11    (b)
12. (c)
13. (d)
14. (b)
15. (c) 
16. (a)
17. (d)
18. (c)
19. (c)
20. (d)
21. (a)
22. (d)
23. (a)
24. (b)
25. (b)
26. (d)
27. (d)
28. (b)
29. (a)
30. (c)
31. (d)
32. (c)
33. (c)
34. (a)
35. (d)
36. (c)
37. (a)
38. (b)
39. (c)
40. (b)

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